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Skin terms, ingredients/ trends explained

VITAMIN C- (L ASCORBIC ACID)- a powerful antioxidant that stimulates the renewal of collagen, treats and minimizes sun damage, spots and wrinkles. Also it protects aginst free radicals (pollution, light from computers & even cell phones. It's hard to keep stablized so it is best used in a powder form which is usuall 100% strength. If using a serum make sure it's from a trusted source. There is a test you can do to prove it's still stabilized I show my clients mine is. EVERY VITAMIN C IS NOT CREATED EQUALLY! BEWARE OF OVER THE COUNTER & AMAZON ETC.

RETINOL (VITAMIN A)- also helps with the renewal of collagen, which starts to decline in our 30's. It's much like vitamin c in it's ability to renew skin, boost collagen, fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage. It can make you sensitve to the sun so always wear a SPF.

PEPTIDE- Are building blocks that make up protein. When AMINO ACIDS link together the chain they form AMINO PEPTIDE. When peptides link together, they become the basis for all proteins, the most vital in your skin is (ARE YOUR READY?) =BOOM ******COLLAGEN****** How cool is that?

I'm updating daily please be patinet there is a lot to go on these pages